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Out Of The Flying Pan (1961)

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First performance:
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David Campton

Wellingborough Festival

2 November 1961
2 November 1961
Alan Ayckbourn
Diplomat A
Diplomat B
David Glover *
David Campton *


Very few details about this production are available and there is no known cast listing (* most of the details have been ascertained from press cuttings from the period). The production was one of three plays by David Campton presented under the title of Green Sunset at the Wellingborough Trade Union Festival.
Alan Ayckbourn is credited as directing the three plays, however all three plays had previously been presented in 1960 and 1961 in Scarborough directed by Stephen Joseph. Given this and the fact it was the Library Theatre company performing in the festival, it seems likely Alan Ayckbourn re-directed the original production possibly with either members of the original company or the entire original company (which is listed here).
Out Of The Flying Pan was performed alongside Little Brother, Little Sister and Mutatis Mutantis.
All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.