Alan Ayckbourn: Careers Timeline

Although primarily known as a playwright and director, Alan Ayckbourn's career in theatre has been far wider ranging and extensive; arguably his position as one of the longest running Artistic Directors of a British regional theatre is as crucial to understanding Alan Ayckbourn's life in theatre as his playwriting and directing careers.

This page offers a chronological guide to Alan Ayckbourn's various careers. Click on any of the hyperlinks to discover more about the various aspects of Alan Ayckbourn's professional careers.

Careers: A Timeline

1958 - 1959:
1958 - 1962:
1959 - present:
1961 - present:
1962 - 1964:
1965 - 1970:
1969 - 1970:
1969 - 1970:
1972 - 2009:
1986 - 1988:
2009 - present:
2018 - present:
Actor with Sir Donald Wolfit's company
Student Assistant Stage Manager at Connaught Theatre, Worthing
Actor at Thorndike Theatre, Leatherhead
Assistant Stage Manager & Actor at the Library Theatre, Scarborough
Actor at the Oxford Playhouse
Stage Manager at the Library Theatre, Scarborough
Actor at the Library Theatre, Scarborough
Director, writer and actor at the Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent
Radio Drama Producer at the BBC
Director Of Productions at the Library Theatre, Scarborough
Screenplay writer for
Hark At Barker on ITV (using the pseudonym Peter Caulfield)
Artistic Director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre
Company Director at the National Theatre, London
Cameron Mackintosh
Professor of Contemporary Theatre at Oxford University
Director at the Stephen Joseph Theatre and other venues
Director Emeritus at the Stephen Joseph Theatre
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