Alan Ayckbourn: Careers Timeline

Although primarily known as a playwright and director, Alan Ayckbourn's career in theatre has been far wider ranging and extensive; arguably his position as one of the longest running Artistic Directors of a British regional theatre is as crucial to understanding Alan Ayckbourn's life in theatre as his playwriting and directing careers.

This page offers a chronological guide to Alan Ayckbourn's various careers. Click on any of the hyperlinks to discover more about the various aspects of Alan Ayckbourn's professional careers.

Career: A Timeline

1956: Actor with Sir Donald Wolfit's company
Student Assistant Stage Manager at Connaught Theatre, Worthing
Actor at Thorndike Theatre, Leatherhead
Assistant Stage Manager & Actor at the Library Theatre, Scarborough
Actor at the Oxford Playhouse
1958 - 1959: Stage Manager at the Library Theatre, Scarborough
1958 - 1962:
Actor at the Library Theatre, Scarborough
1959 - present:
1961 - present:
1962 - 1964:
Director, writer and actor at the Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent
1965 - 1970:
Radio Drama Producer at the BBC
1969 - 1970:
Director Of Productions at the Library Theatre, Scarborough
1969 - 1970: Screenplay writer for
Hark At Barker on ITV (using the pseudonym Peter Caulfield)
1972 - 2009:
Artistic Director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre
1986 - 1988:
Company Director at the National Theatre, London
2009 - present: Guest
Director at the Stephen Joseph Theatre and other venues

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