Alan Ayckbourn: Actor

It's A Wise Child (1956)

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First performance:

It's A Wise Child
Laurence E Johnson

1956 (Date to be confirmed)
Connaught Theatre, Worthing

Alan Ayckbourn
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Quotes & Notes

"I took a salary cut from £3 a week to nothing [working at the Connaught Theatre]. I went as a student assistant stage manager, and my mother sold her caravan, I remember, to pay for me. I was there for about six months. Weekly rep at Worthing had Dan Massey, Michael Bryant, Roland Curtain, Ian Holm, Elizabeth Spriggs - an extraordinary collection of young actors - not to mention Peter Byrne and people like that who were there at that time. There was a welter of experienced names there that I could learn off.
"I learned all departments there. I worked for some weeks in the scenic department, didn't see the stage at all. I did a little bit of acting, two or three tiny parts. I got to be a lime operator, and I worked in the scene dock; I worked all around. I didn't do electrics but I learned a lot more about stage management, and I was, by the time the money ran out and the season finished, fairly proficient."
('Conversations With Ayckbourn', 1981)
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