Alan Ayckbourn: Actor

The Happiest Days Of Your Life (1957)

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Opening Night:

The Happiest Days Of Your Life
John Dighton

22 April 1957
Leatherhead Theatre Club

Stafford Byrne
Dick Tassell
Rupert Billings
Godfrey Pond
Miss Evelyn Whitchurch
Miss Gossage
Hopcroft Mi
Barbara Cahoun
Joyce Harper
Reverend Edmund Peck
Mrs Peck
Edgar Sowter
Mrs Sowter
Derek Martinus
Kerry Jordan
David Crosse
Reginald Barratt
Betty Bowden
Ann Patrick
Alan Ayckbourn
Ann Beach
Phyllis Partidge
Michael Marriott
Jennifer Willis
Brian Spink
Liane Aukin

Quotes & Notes

"I did quite a lot of acting [at the Leatherhead Theatre Club]: Percy in Flare Path, that boy in The Rainmaker, Jimmy Curry, and the coloured servant, Sanyamo, in South Sea Bubble. It was weekly rep again, but I worked with a lot of good people there [at Leatherhead]. Actors are quite generous people, really: they do tend to help. Sometimes it's terribly misguided help, but they're always there to say, 'If you take my tip, kid, don't enter that way, it doesn't look so good.' So I was learning."
(Conversations With Ayckbourn', 1981)
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