Alan Ayckbourn: Actor

The Ornamental Hermit (1957)

Production Details


Opening Night:

Stage Manager:
The Ornamental Hermit
Catherine Prynne

1 August 1957
Library Theatre, Scarborough

Rodney Wood
Alan Ayckbourn
Michael Bridges
Emma Totteridge
Lewis Finbow
Jack Bensted
Frank Mills
Clive Goodwin
Anne Taylor
Betty Cardno
Shirley Jacobs
Malcolm Rogers
Alan Ayckbourn

Quotes & Notes

Alan Ayckbourn joined the Studio Theatre Ltd company at the Library Theatre, Scarborough, in 1957. he was recruited by the stage manager Rodney Wood as as assistant stage manager with occasional acting roles. For most of the plays in the 1957 season, Alan is credited as stage manager. He appeared in two plays, An Inspector Calls and The Ornamental Hermit.
After the end of the 1957 summer season, Alan was employed at the Oxford Playhouse. In early 1958, Alan was asked whether he would return to the Library Theatre and he rejoined the company for the summer season.

Review extract from The Guardian (2 August 1957)
"In a production in which all the players pitch in with a will, there are particularly good showings from Clive Goodwin, Shirley Jacob, Alan Ayckbourn, and Malcolm Rogers."

Review extract from The Times (16 September 1957)
"Mr Clive Goodwin was, however, natural, and acceptable as the young man and Mr Alan Ayckbourn at the end gave a lively account of a young country-bred poet of an engaging dishevelment."

Review extract from The Stage (19 September 1957)
"Character parts which have the benefit of some assured writing are played accurately and amusingly by Anne Taylor, Alan Ayckbourn, Frank Mills and Malcolm Rogers."
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