Alan Ayckbourn: Actor

Love & Chance (1958)

Production Details


Opening Night:

Stage Manager:
Love And Chance
J.W. James

24 July 1958
Library Theatre, Scarborough

Rodney Wood
Alan Ayckbourn
Lisette, her maid
Orgon, her father
Mario, her brother
Dorante, her suitor
Pasquin, his valet
Pauline Devaney
Christine Roland
Robert Fyfe
Ian Curteis
David Sutton
Alan Ayckbourn

Quotes & Notes

Alan Ayckbourn rejoined the Studio Theatre Ltd company at the Library Theatre, Scarborough, in summer 1958 having previously been part of the company as an assistant stage manager with occasional acting roles in the summer of 1957. In 1958, he was primarily employed as a stage manager with more substantial and frequent roles as an actor.

Love And Chance was presented as a double bill with The Man With A Flower In His Mouth, in which Alan also appeared.

Review extract from the Leicester Mercury (14 October 1958)
"The main offering - Marivaux's Love And Chance - was very slow in starting, but became alive when Alan Ayckbourn made his entrance as Pasquin. Pasquin the valet is a small part, but it was only when he appeared that one truly became aware of the others."

Review extract from Yorkshire Post (August 1958)
"It is a production by Mr Rodney Wood of delightful entertainment. It is because Mr Alan Ayckbourn enjoys every moment of his promotion from valet to master but never believes in it that his performance is a constant joy."
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