Alan Ayckbourn: Actor

Squaring The Circle (1958)

Play: Squaring The Circle
Author: Valentin Kataev
Opening Night:
29 December 1958
Library Theatre, Scarborough

Rodney Wood


David Sutton
Faynia Jeffery
Dona Martyn
Alan Ayckbourn
Rodney Wood
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Alan (right) in Squaring The Circle
Copyright: Scarborough Theatre Trust

Quotes & Notes

Having rejoined the Library Theatre, Scarborough, for the 1958 summer season, Alan remained with the company for its winter season at the Library Theatre followed by a regional tour.
For the first time, Alan was employed purely as an actor (although given the nature of the company, it is likely he was still involved in occasional stage management and technical work).

Review extract from the Birmingham Post (6 January 1959)
"David Sutton, Faynia Jeffery, Dona Martyn (despite what appears to be an alarming laryngitis) and Alan Ayckbourn make two splendidly ill-assorted couples who resolve their differences with gay aplomb."

Review extract from the Scarborough Evening News (December 1958)
"David Sutton is a little too over-ebullient in the part of Vasya, Ludmilla's husband. He could have made a more subtle approach to the part and given a better performance. Alan Ayckbourn, as Abrahm, is also slightly too enthusiastic."

Review extract from The Guardian (1 January 1959)
"We feel too often that the thing should be funnier than it is. Nevertheless, Alan Ayckbourn, Donna Martyn, Faynia Jeffery, and David Sutton keep the joke against the party alive for longer than we expect. For this and for playing the piece at all, they deserve our thanks and encouragement."

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