Alan Ayckbourn: Actor

Wuthering Heights (1960)

Play: Wuthering Heights
Jurneman Winch
Opening Night:
23 June 1960
Library Theatre, Scarborough

Julian Herington

Robert Earnshaw
Edgar Linton

David Campton
Faynia Jeffery
Derrick Gilbert
Alan Ayckbourn
Hazel Anne Lee
David Glover
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Alan in Wuthering Heights
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Quotes & Notes

During 1960, Alan Ayckbourn's career was predominantly concentrated on acting at the Library Theatre, Scarborough. He was part of the acting company in both the summer and winter seasons and his playwriting was limited to one show, Dad's Tale, during the winter season.

Wuthering Heights was also performed as part of the Studio Theatre Ltd's winter 1959 / 1960 tour and Alan played the role of Edgar Linton in this tour. This entry is based on the revived summer production at the Library Theatre, Scarborough, in which Alan took the larger role of Heathcliff.

Review extract from unknown publication (June 1960)
"One of the faults is the casting. Alan Ayckbourn plays Heathcliff. He does not have the right personality to play the dark and cruel adopted brother to Cathy. Better in the part would have been Derrick Gilbert, who did in fact play Cathy's brother."

Review extract from the Yorkshire Post (24 June 1960)
"Hazel Anne Lee made an innocent wayward Cathy and Alan Ayckbourn drew Heathcliff in bold sweeping strokes. David Glover brought polished talent to the difficult part of Linton and Derrick Gilbert made a memorable first appearance as Cathy's sinister drunken brother."

Review extract from The Stage (30 June 1960)
"Alan Ayckbourn makes a bold and vigorous Heathcliff."

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