Alan Ayckbourn: Actor

Victoria Regina (1961)

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First performance:


Victoria Regina
Laurence Hausman

12 June 1961
Theatre in the Round at the the Library Theatre, Scarborough

Stephen Joseph
Lord Conyngham
Archbishop of Canterbury
Duchess Of Kent
Queen Victoria
Second Footman
Lord Melbourne
Prince Ernest
Prince Albert
John Brown
Lord Beaconsfield
The Doctor
Mrs Manson
The Dean Of Windsor
A Royal Princess
Alan Ayckbourn
David Jarrett
Rosamund Dickson
Hazel Burt
Philip Clifford
Stanley Page
David Jarrett
Alan Ayckbourn
David Jarrett
Stanley Page
David Campton
Rosamund Dickson
Alan Ayckbourn
Rosamund Dickson

Quotes & Notes

1961 saw Alan Ayckbourn's professional career began to move away from acting to what he is most well-known for. Although still predominantly an actor with Studio Theatre Ltd at Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre, Scarborough, he was also writing and directing for the company. 1961 saw the premiere of his fourth play and his debut as a director with a production of Gaslight.

Victoria Regina was initially toured by Studio Theatre Ltd as part of the 1960 / 1961 winter tour. It was then revived for the summer season at Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre, Scarborough.

Review extract from The Stage (22 June 1961)
"Alan Ayckbourn effectively brought out the quiet determination and the rare touches of humour in Prince Albert - a sensitive performance, equalled by his later appearance as the Dean of Windsor."

Review extract from unknown publication (1961)
"Made up to an astonishing likeness of Prince Albert, Alan Ayckbourn gave a first rate performance as the Queen's gentle, intelligent consort, whose longing to do a useful job was always frustrated by the traditional English distrust of foreigners."

Review extract from the Evening Sentinel (14 February 1962)
"As Albert, Alan Ayckbourn has to create a character who is more legend than history. So gently he brings Albert up in stature, from the meek German Prince to the great figure and mid that lay behind the work of Queen Victoria."

Review extract from the Stone Guardian (15 February 1962)
"Alan Ayckbourn mastered the German accent to be a perfect Prince Albert."
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