Alan Ayckbourn: Actor

The Boys And The Girls (1961)

Play: The Boys And The Girls
Author: David Campton
Opening Night:
26 December 1961
Library Theatre, Scarborough

Alan Ayckbourn

All actors played
various roles

Rosamund Dickson
Evelyn Lewis
David Jarrett
Richard Gill
Patricia England
Hazel Burt
Stanley Page
Alan Ayckbourn

Quotes & Notes

1961 saw Alan Ayckbourn's professional career began to move away from acting to what he is most well-known for. Although still predominantly an actor with Studio Theatre Ltd at the Library Theatre, Scarborough, he was also writing and directing for the company. 1961 saw the premiere of his fourth play and his debut as a director with a production of Gaslight.

The Boys And The Girls subsequently toured to the Municipal Hall, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, from 1 January 1962 for two weeks.

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