Alan Ayckbourn: Actor

A Man For All Seasons (1963)

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Opening Night:

A Man For All Seasons
Robert Bolt

13 May 1963
Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent

Peter Cheeseman
Gilbert Kennedy
The Common Man
Thomas More
Richard Rich
The Duke
Alice More
Margaret More
The Cardinal
Thomas Cromwell
The Ambassador
His Attendent
William Roper
The King
A Woman
The Archbishop
David Halliwell
Alan Ayckbourn
David Jarrett
Dan Cornwall
Elizabeth Bell
Heather Stoney
Stanley Stewart
Stanley Page
John Powrie
Arnold Beck
Norman Coburn
Peter King
Caroline Smith
Stanley Stewart

Quotes & Notes

In 1962, the Studio Theatre Ltd company moved from its home at the Library Theatre, Scarborough, to a new permanent venue at the Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent. Alan Ayckbourn joined the move and was an associate director at the new venue, responsible for writing, directing and acting. Very little is held in Alan Ayckbourn's personal archive about the plays he was involved in during 1963 and there are no programmes, press cuttings or reviews of the shows held in archive.
1963 was the last year Alan did any substantial amount of acting prior to his retiring from acting to concentrate on writing and directing from 1964 onwards.

Review extract from the Evening Sentinel (14 May 1963)
"Alan Ayckbourn portrayed [Thomas More] in a most powerful performance. Here was the dignity of humility, the massive inner-strength of faith, and the firm resolve bred of a character of rare metal."
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