Alan Ayckbourn: BBC Radio Plays

Between 1965 and 1970, Alan Ayckbourn was employed as a Radio Drama Producer by the BBC. He was responsible for directing dozens of works for the radio, sadly details of the majority of which have been lost. These pages contain details for specific productions where known.

Black Spot On The Mersey (1966)

Production Details


Ray H. Dunbobbin

3 March 1966 @ 8.30pm
BBC Home Service
Alan Ayckbourn
Friar Nugent
James Edward Scully
All other roles unknown
Norman Rodway
Nicholas Johnson
Elizabeth Kelly
Moira Virgo
Barry Keegan
Tony Quinn
Ivan Beavis
Tony Colegate
George Barnes
Ken Jones
Paul Rees
Rio Fanning
Jim Wiggins
Harry Towb
George Canavan
Stuart Deans
Philip Oakley
Ruth Holden
Ralph Lawton
Barbara Greenhalgh
Elizabeth Brookes
David Richardson
John Willis


Black Spot On The Mersey was a drama about the life of Friar Nugent, "a great priest who bestrode the life of Liverpool like a colossus for more than fifty years."
All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.