Alan Ayckbourn: BBC Radio Productions

One of the major gaps in researching Alan Ayckbourn's life is his work as a Radio Drama Producer for the BBC between 1965 and 1970. Although some facts exist, there is very little in-depth information recorded - or even remembered by Alan himself.

This particularly applies to the plays Alan produced for the BBC; between 1965 and 1966 alone, Alan recalls directing at least 50 pieces for the radio. Largely thanks to the BBC's
Genome project, some details of Alan's radio work is now coming to light.

This page has a list of all known Ayckbourn radio productions with cast and broadcast details available by clicking on the relevant title. If you have further information, the website would be delighted to hear from you (

Radio Plays Produced (directed) by Alan Ayckbourn

I Want To Be An Engine Driver
by John Pennington
Broadcast: 27 January 1965 @ 3pm (BBC Home Service)

If The Shoe Fits
by Guy Compton with Pat Keen & David Mahlowe
Broadcast: 19 May 1965 @ 3pm (BBC Home Service)

Steak On The Plank
by Maurice Hardaker
Broadcast: 11 July 1965 (BBC Home Service)

Package Deal
by Derek Bickerton
Broadcast: 23 August 1965 @ 8pm (BBC Light Programme)

The Three Lodgers
by Norman Smithson
Broadcast: 26 September 1965 (BBC Home Service)

The Deadbeat
by Gwyneth Jones
Broadcast: 4 December 1965 @ 2.15pm (BBC Home Service)

Dead Letter
by Robert Storey
Broadcast: 12 January 1966 @ 3pm (BBC Home Service)

The Western Reserve
by Sheila Cregeen
Broadcast: 21 February 1966 @ 8.30pm (BBC Home Service)

All For The Best
by Derek Wellman
Broadcast: 2 March 1966 @ 3pm (BBC Home Service)

Black Spot On The Mersey
by Ray H Dunbobbin
Broadcast: 3 March 1966 @ 8.30pm (BBC Home Service)

Them And Us
by Pam Tickell
Broadcast: 17 April 1966 (BBC Home Service)

Hope Eternal
Author: Unknown
Broadcast: 1966 (prior to May)

The Brothers From The Sun
by Leslie Fennell
Broadcast: 25 May 1966 @ 8.40pm (BBC Light Programme)

The Big Bite
by Roy Clarke
Broadcast: 22 June 1966 @ 8.40pm (BBC Light Programme)

The Day The Earth Caved In
by Neil Kingsley
Broadcast: 18 July 1966 @ 8pm (BBC Light Programme)

Mug’s Game
by Robert Storey
Broadcast: 31 August 1966 @ 3pm (BBC Home Service)

The Luck Of Arthur Clough
by Peter Russell with Alan Rothwell
Broadcast: 22 October 1966 @ 2.15pm (BBC Home Service)

Return To Dursford
by Peter Russell
Broadcast: 10 December 1966 @ 2.15pm (BBC Home Service)

Wonderful Amy
by Arthur Swinson
Broadcast: 26 January 1967 @ 8.45pm (BBC Home Service)

Ted's Cathedral
by Alan Plater
Broadcast: 1 February 1967 @ 3pm (BBC Home Service)

There's No Point In Arguing The Toss
by Don Haworth
Broadcast: 6 April 1967 @ 8pm (BBC Network 3)
Note: Nominated for the Prix Italia

The Pit Of The Trolls
by Jim Andrew
Broadcast: 15 April 1967 @ 2.15pm (BBC Home Service)

Money For Old Rope
by David Ellis
Broadcast: 22 May 1967 @ 7.30pm (BBC Light Programme)

Definitely Not July
by Leslie Fennell
Broadcast: 28 June 1967 @ 8.15pm (BBC Light Programme)

A Time For Despair
by John Wainwright
Broadcast: 19 July 1967 @ 8.15pm (BBC Light Programme)

A Full Life
by Peter Gibbons
Broadcast: 30 August 1967 @ 3pm (BBC Home Service)

Night Of A Widower
by Pagan Muat
Broadcast: 2 September 1967 @ 8.30pm (BBC Home Service)

The Narrow Shore
by Louise Battye
Broadcast: 27 September 1967 @ 3pm (BBC Home Service)

The Loyalty Test
by Patrick Clifford
Broadcast: 4 October 1967 @ 3pm (BBC Radio 4)

The Man
by Mel Dinelli
Broadcast: 15 January 1968 @ 8.30pm (BBC Radio 4)

The 17-Jewelled Shockproof Swiss-Made Bomb
by Roy Clarke (six part serial)
Broadcast: 18 January 1968 @ 7.45pm (BBC Radio 2)

Lift A Bright Stone
by Roy Clarke
Broadcast: 27 January 1968 @ 8.30pm (BBC Radio 4)

Three Cheers For The World
by Brian Morris
Broadcast: 31 January 1968 @ 3pm (BBC Radio 4)

The Events At Black Tor
by Roy Clarke (six part serial)
Broadcast: 18 April 1968 @ 7.45pm (BBC Radio 2)
Terms Of Reference
by Stanley Middleton (adapt. Brian Thompson)
Broadcast: 22 April 1968 @ 8.30pm (BBC Radio 4)

Hates Any Man?
by John Wainwright
Broadcast: 5 June 1968 @ 8.15pm (BBC Radio 2)

We All Come To It In The End
by Don Haworth
Broadcast: 5 July 1968 @ 8.05pm (BBC Radio 3)
Note: Nominated for the Prix Italia

The Long And The Short And The Tall
by Willis Hall
Broadcast: 29 July 1968 @ 8.30pm (BBC Radio 4)

by John Wainwright
Broadcast: 6 July 1968 @ 8.30pm (BBC Radio 4)

Lucky For Some
by Pam Tickell
Broadcast: 31 July 1968 @ 11.30am (BBC Radio 4)

The World Of Miss Edwina Finch’s Cat
by Roy Clarke
Broadcast: 7 September 1968 @ 2pm (BBC Radio 4)

The Front Room
by Robert Storey
Broadcast: 16 October 1968 @ 3pm (BBC Radio 4)

When It Comes To Give And Take
by Pam Tickell
Broadcast: 13 November 1968 @ 3pm (BBC Radio 4)

Time And The Conways
by J.B. Priestley
Broadcast: 1 February 1969 @ 8.30pm (BBC Radio 4)

Founder’s Way
by Albert Dobson
Broadcast: 14 June 1969 @ 2pm (BBC Radio 4)

Give Me A Little Kiss
by Edward Crowley
Broadcast: 18 June 1969 @ 8.15pm (BBC Radio 2)

Crime On Goat Island
by Ugo Betti
Broadcast: 23 June 1969 @ 8.30pm (BBC Radio 4)

A Time In Cloud Cuckoo Land
Author: Don Haworth
Broadcast: 12 July 1969 @ 1.45pm (BBC Radio 4)

Lonely Beat
by William Keenan, adapted by David Bramley (six part serial)
Broadcast: 19 July 1969 @ 8.30pm (BBC Radio 4)

Peaceably If We May
by Norman Swallow
Broadcast: 19 August 1969 @ 9.15pm (BBC Radio 4)

by Jim Andrew
Broadcast: 20 August 1969 @ 8.15pm (BBC Radio 2)

The Prisoner
by Don Haworth
Broadcast: 5 September 1969 @ 8.10pm (BBC Radio 3)

A Boat In The Backyard
by David Bramley
Broadcast: 20 September 1969 @ 2pm (BBC Radio 4)

The Trouble With Joss
by George Urry
Broadcast: 4 October 1969 @ 2pm (BBC Radio 4)

The Big House
by Trevor Griffiths
Broadcast: 10 December 1969 @ 3pm (BBC Radio 4)

The Seafarers
by C.S. Abraham (16 part serial)
Broadcast: 16 December 1969 @ 8.15pm (BBC Radio 2)

All For A Bit Of Cod
by David Mosey
Broadcast: 6 January 1970 @ 11.30am (BBC Radio 4)

All Honour Mr Todd
by Peter Terson
Broadcast: 30 January 1970 @ 8.30pm (BBC radio 3)

Country Matters 2: Wife Swopping
by Elizabeth Howard with music by Trevor Holroyd
Broadcast: 2 September 1970 @ 11.30am (BBC Radio 4)

Where Is This Here Building - By What Route Do I Get There?
by Don Haworth
Broadcast: 5 September 1970 @ 2pm (BBC Radio 4)

Keep Amy Kettle Off The Road
by Pam Tickell
Broadcast: 9 September 1970 @ 8pm (BBC Radio 4)

The Light In Hiding
by Denise Robertson
Broadcast: 14 September 1970 @ 11.30am (BBC Radio 4)

The Greatest Plague Of Life
by the Brothers Mayhew (adapt. Brian Morris)
Broadcast: 21 September 1970 @ 4.30pm (BBC Radio 4)

The Piano Tuner
by Julia Jones
Broadcast: 3 March 1971 @ 8.15pm (BBC Radio 4)

Other Radio Programmes Directed *

The Breadwinner
by Somerset Maughan
Broadcast: 16 December 1974 @ 3.05pm (BBC Radio 4)

Patriotic Bunting
by Brian Thompson
Broadcast: 19 August 1979 @ 2.30pm (BBC Radio 4)

The Conservatory
by Brian Thompson
Broadcast: 2 November 1981 @ 8pm (BBC Radio 4)
* After Alan left the BBC in 1970, he directed several pieces for BBC Radio with the Stephen Joseph Theatre company based on productions he had directed in Scarborough.

All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd. The contents of this section of the playwright would not have been possible without the resources of the BBC Genome Project.