Alan Ayckbourn: BBC Radio Plays

Between 1965 and 1970, Alan Ayckbourn was employed as a Radio Drama Producer by the BBC. He was responsible for directing dozens of works for the radio, sadly details of the majority of which have been lost. These pages contain details for specific productions where known.

Night Of A Widower (1967)

Production Details


Pagan Muat

2 September 1967 @ 8.30pm
BBC Home Service
Alan Ayckbourn
Eddie Kerwin
Mrs Glover
Winnie Palliser
Irene Riddick
Alice Riddick
Aggie Spence
Mrs Redman
Sheila Redman
Joe O'Mahney
Reti O'Mahney
Vince Delaney
Wilfred Pickles
Mavis Rogerson
Sylvia Brayshay
Mary Quinn
Pamela Craig
Ruth Holden
Eileen Derbyshire
Stephanie Turner
Bernard Gallagher
Heather Stoney
Elizabeth Ashton
Anthony Kenyon


Night Of A Widower was advertised in the Radio Times magazine as 'Wilfred Pickles in Night Of A Widower.'
Night Of A Widower was broadcast in the Saturday Night Theatre slot.
All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.