Alan Ayckbourn: BBC Radio Plays

Between 1965 and 1970, Alan Ayckbourn was employed as a Radio Drama Producer by the BBC. He was responsible for directing dozens of works for the radio, sadly details of the majority of which have been lost. These pages contain details for specific productions where known.

We All Come To It In The End (1968)

Production Details


Don Haworth

5 July 1968 @ 8.05pm
BBC Radio 3
Alan Ayckbourn
Other roles
Other roles
Other roles
Other roles
Other roles
Derrick Gilbert
George A Cooper
Leonard Fenton
John Sharp
Kenneth Gilbert
Ruth Holden
Dorothy Vernon
Pamela Dellar
Kathleen Worth
Paul Bond
Roy Barraclough
Barbara Mullaney


We All Come To It In The End was nominated for the Prix Italia prize.
The play was described in the Radio Times magazine as: 'Don Haworth's play is a study of the epic progress, from infancy to marriage, of the youngest Father Christmas ever to be appointed by a Northern department store. Much of it concerns the splendours and miseries of a Northern boarding house seen through the 'steam of a potato pie' rather than the haze of nostalgia. Here we meet the various tenants of George's boyhood who modulate gently but inevitably into a more intimate relationship with their landlady and thus, in their different ways. compensate George for his lack of a resident father. But innocence is a quality of soul and not subject to Blakean rules of experience….'
It was repeated on BBC Radio 3 on 16 May 1969 in a shortened form. It was also repeated on 18 January 1971 on BBC Radio 4 and again on 26 December 1971 on BBC Radio 3.
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