Alan Ayckbourn: Adaptations

This page includes all of Alan Ayckbourn's adaptations of works by other playwrights. Although Alan does not consider himself a natural adaptor of other writer's work, he has adapted a number of scripts which have held specific interest for him. To find out more details about each play, click on the play title.

Most of Alan Ayckbourn's adaptations have been published - with the exceptions of
A Trip To Scarborough and Dear Uncle - and all are available to produce (contact Casarotto Ramsay for details).


A Trip To Scarborough (1982): An adaptation of R.B. Sheridan's A Trip To Scarborough which interlaces the original plot with contemporary and World War II set plots.
Tons Of Money (1985): An adaptation of Will Evans & Valentine's Whitehall farce.
Wolf At The Door (1989): An adaptation of Henry Becque's Les Corbeaux translated by Professor David Walker.
The Forest (1999): An adaptation of Ostrovsky's The Forest translated by Vera Liber.
Dear Uncle (2011): An adaptation of Chekhov's Uncle Vanya set in the Lake District during the 1930s, translated by Vera Liber.

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