Alan Ayckbourn: Other Works

This page includes Alan Ayckbourn's other works which include prose, screenplays and uncategorised plays.

Although Alan Ayckbourn has concentrated on playwriting throughout his life and career, he has written several other works which he considers outside his main playwriting canon. To find out more details about each play, click on the play title.

Other Works

Service Not Included (1974): Alan Ayckbourn's only produced screenplay commissioned by the BBC for its Masquerade play series and broadcast in 1974.
.The Crafty Art Of Playmaking (2002): A best-selling book offering a guide to writing and directing plays.
The Karaoke Theatre Company (2016): A 'live entertainment' and the only Ayckbourn theatre piece which includes both improvisation and audience interaction.
The Divide (2019): Alan Ayckbourn's debut prose novel, published during 2019, set in a post-catastrophic world where contact between males and females is fatal/

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